Using water to filter and chill the smoke gives bongs a distinct advantage over joints, hand pipes, and other similar devices. As the harmful chemicals and tar and ash particles in water-diluted smoke are reduced, inhalation becomes more enjoyable. A bong’s water contains all the nasty stuff you won’t be able to get into your lungs or mouth or throat through inhalation. A bong’s smoke may be cooled down to a more tolerable temperature, reducing throat irritation.

Another common misunderstanding involves the differences between the water pipes known as a water bongs and a bubbler. As a result, we’ve put up a guide that you can use to figure out which kind of water pipe is best for your needs.


In laboratories, vineyards, and high-end restaurants, borosilicate glass is used because it is long-lasting and can withstand large temperature swings. Borosilicate glass is also used to make scientific instruments Rosin press. While clear glass bongs enable you to see how much smoke is accumulating and when it’s time to clean your water bongs, many glass bongs come in beautiful colours and designs like our Large Dappled Skull bong, which is made of borosilicate glass. Clear glass provides excellent visibility.

Intricate patterns and colours can be found on ceramic bongs, making them some of the most visually appealing options available. Ceramic bongs are also among the most common materials used. Although ceramic is more resistant to breakage than glass, it can shatter like glass if it falls. Glass may be the most ubiquitous material, but ceramic is actually even better at chilling smoke. One thing is certain, and that is the fact that you will want to display this as the focal point in your living room, particularly the items that are more ornately decorated and stylishly designed.

How one may make use of a bong?

So how exactly does one use a bong? A tube, base, downstem, carb, and bowl are the individual components that make up water bongs. To begin, place your herb in the bowl, then light it up and take a drag. As you draw smoke from the bowl down the downstem and into the chamber, clean smoke passes through the water in the form of bubbles. This removes tar and ash from the smoke while also reducing its temperature.

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