There was a period when the only method possible to provide volume to your lips was surgical lip augmentation. With the passage of time, women of ages started using various methods and devices to plump their lips without surgery. These various ways however didn’t give the outcome similar to that particular of surgery but do plump the lips unnaturally for a short while span.

Then come the era of non-surgical lip fillers injections. These fillers caused it to be possible to provide natural looking volume to lips without undergoing surgical procedure. This temporary lip fillers London treatment gives relatively are more durable results as compared to other types of temporary lip enhancement methods. It can be an improved option than permanent lip enhancement because your facial dynamics will change after a decade due to ageing but you permanent lip augmentation won’t leaving you with odd looking face.

Lip enhancement with temporary fillers
If you’re trying to find quick and easy way to own kissable and tempting lips, lip fillers London is the proper choice. It involves the use of temporary gel like filler substances to provide volume and shape to your Lip fillers. There’s selection of filler substances available available in the market and the choice depends upon the result you want as well as on the expertise and connection with the cosmetic practitioner.

It is better to have a picture of the lips you want to need to your cosmetic practitioner at the time of treatment appointment. However, don’t expect to accomplish Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner lips in the very first attempt. Gradual and slow lip enhancement gives more subtle, natural and beautiful results than taking all of the filler in the very first go.

In addition, you have to realize that you’ve your personal unique facial features and your lip enhancement treatment should complement those features rather than making you look different and strange.

A numbing cream is applied to your lips before giving injections to numb the lips. During the procedure, little bit of selected filler is injected at the lip areas which need augmentation. You cosmetic practitioner also adjusts the fillers with hands to be in it. How many injections required depends upon how many treatment areas. The fee also varies with the choice of filler, expertise of practitioner and quantity of filler used for the treatment. You might experience slight swelling and bruising after the procedure which is often settled by using ice pack.

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