As i am a professional gambler I often get people coming to me for advice and with so many different systems being released that it can be hard to find which ones are the ones that work and which ones are the duds. Its important to test each system as they come before ยูฟ่า007  doing the bets with any serious cash. One system I have heard a lot of buzz about recently is the Football betting code so i decided to check it out.

First thing I discovered about the football betting code was that it is not actually a system but more a service. For a one off fee too which is interesting as most services would require a monthly or annual fee. It was also really cheap too which made me think there must be a trick somewhere and probably in the quality of the bets.

However, I was pleasantly surprised as they started to send through winner after winner. Some were at quite short odds however even picking those and getting them right can be tricky. After a month of following the bets I had a nice +12 point profit which was a nice profit for me using £10 stakes for the trial. I had paid off the subscription and more.

So if you are thinking of getting involved with the football betting code then it seems like it should be worth a go as it is so easy to implement. Just read the email, place the bets and you are done!

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